BLIC offers peace of mind and security

# The receipt of your orders

# The expedition of your returns

# Transfers and temporary storage

The Smart Parcel Locker for construction sites

Delivery, receipt and return...

.... A load of problems

  • Abandoned parcels, degraded parcel, stolen parcels

  • Inaccurate delivery addresses

  • Time consuming supplier exchanges

  • Unavaibility of the recipient

  • Safety instructions that are difficult to adhere to for delivery drivers

  • Delays and worksite stoppages

  • Deliveries during rush hour periods

  • Uncessary C02 emissions...

  • Etc.

Resulting in wasted time, financial resources and energy

BLIC is THE solution for streamlinning deliveries on your worksites

# 2 You are instantly informed of your delivery

# 3 Pick up your delivery when you are ready

# 4 Drop of supplier returns

# 5 BLIC is accessible 24/7 for all

# 1 Deliver your orders directly to a BLIC box



Easy to use

For everyone


Part of a network

A true value proposition for all involved


# An end to disruption linked to deliveries

# Reliability of deliveries

# Securitization of deliveries

# Efficiency of returns

# Reduced worksite co-activity

# Reduced C02 impact


# Time saved when dropping off merchandise

# Delivery securitization

# Increased safety for deliverers

#Available round the clock 24/7

# Simplification of pick-ups


# Guaranteed seamless delivery experience

# Better customer experience

# Reduced complaints

# Transportation savings

# Reduced packaging

About us ?

We are an experienced team with past professional knowledge and understanding of the construction industry backed by a board of industry experts and the "BPI"

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Industry support ?

Backed by many industry leaders and supported by CONSTRUCTION LAB we work together in continued cooperation in defining and fine tuning the BLIC solution.

We are proud to have the following industry leading companies at our sides

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